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Contributing to is interested in material relating to children and young people, their play and wider social lives from as broad a range of disciplines as possible with the aim of encouraging people to share, read, think and develop the way we work and the provision we make.

You can contribute to in a number of ways:

  • by submitting previously written material
  • by submitting newly written material
  • by submitting comments/remarks about a paper on thought-crime
  • by submitting a book review 

To make a submission email [email not yet switched on]


Submitting written material


You can submit new or previously written material such as:

  • Short pieces, comments, reflections and position papers of around 2,000 words
  • Papers delivered to conference or journals of around 2,000 – 8,000 words
  • Longer pieces including dissertations, thesis and research reports

All material submitted is subject to a peer review process. Short and medium length material would normally be re-formatted in a common style and made freely available on a fair use basis (to read the fair use policy click here) [link not switched on yet. Copyright remains with the author

Submitting comments/remarks


You can submit replies, make comments or ask questions on any paper on to aid discussion and development. Comments and remarks will be moderated with authors given full right of reply.  Anonymous replies or those using pseudonyms will not be accepted.  

Submitting a book review


You can submit a review of around 1,000 words of any relevant book, article or journal that you feel would be of interest to the field.

Finally is new and developing so these early stages and might be more basic at start than we would like. But please persevere and contribute, helping it become a valuable resource for those who want to share, learn and develop.  


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