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Papers published here have previously been presented at peer-reviewed conference and seminars events as noted in the title box. They are currently presented in chronological order but as more papers are added a search engine will be provided which will allow searching by author, title, keyword and date of publication. To download a paper click on the pdf symbol and to read an abstract hover over the view abstract box.

Remarks, comments or questions on any paper would be welcome. Please see the Contribute page for more details.

When printed, papers reformatted for are pdf documents in A4 size with a wide border for note making. Please note this is still a page in development ... all comments and suggestions greatly recieved.


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All About Mary: Children's use of the Toilet Ghost story as a mechanism for dealing with fear. But fear of what?


Marc Armitage (10,250 words) published in, Contemporary Legend n.s. 9 (2006)

Keywords: school; contemporary legend; folklore; childlore; ghosts; psychology.

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Right Place for Some, Wrong Place for Others: where do children and young people spend their time?


Marc Armitage (4,500 words) The Child in the City Conference, London (UK), October 2004.

Keywords: play; teenagers; public playground; neighbourhoods; urban design; policy.

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What do you mean you don't like it? Interpreting children's perceptions of the playground as an aid to designing effective playspace.


Marc Armitage (4,800 words) The 2nd International Toy Research Conference, Halmstad (Sweden), June 1999.

Keywords: play; public playground; design; consultation.


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Pretend and imagination play on the British school playground: consistencies in type, structure and place.


Marc Armitage (4,800 words, 9 photos) The Psychohistorical Convention, New York (USA), June 1999.

Keywords: play; school; pretend; imagination; psychology; loose parts; wiches; monsters.


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"Every generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it."

(George Orwell)




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